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As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improving our products based on customer feedback, RDC recently issued a series of questionnaires enabling us to better understand how our customers use our products and highlight areas we can improve on. The first of three infographics shows our customers thoughts on RDC.

When flying between two destinations, airlines not only pay to land and take-off from the departure and arrival airports but also for en-route navigation (ENav) service provided by the countries over which they fly. The charges are levied by ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers) and cover the cost of providing air traffic management (ATM) services. Within Europe, fees are collected by EUROCONTROL on behalf of its member states.

The prices that airlines are paying for fuel today are some of the lowest in the last decade, whether they are expected to last or not, there is no doubt they are having a significant effect on the airline industry. While the obvious impact is on lower costs for airlines, the story has some troubling twists – billions spent on new technology that doesn’t seem such a good investment in today's conditions, low cost business models undermined by handing lower costs to their competitors, and could the industry be heading for catastrophe when prices rise again?

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