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It would seem a “no brainer”. Just allow the current aviation agreements to continue as is, with the UK to retain full membership of the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA), once the UK has “Brexited”. Surely common sense will prevail? After all, there are huge mutual benefits of barrier-free travel between the UK and Europe today, and these benefits are acknowledged by virtually all stakeholders on either side of the Channel.

The world’s leading airport charges calculation engine made available for direct integration into customer databases and applications

The first three months of the new year are not normally a time airline managers look forward to. For most, it is the least profitable time of year, and something to be endured before the sunlit uplands of Spring and warmer weather entice more passengers and more revenue onto their aeroplanes. Old Father Time toys with them a little too, adding in an extra day of pain in February every four years with a chuckle; oh how the industry would rather have had last year’s extra day in June when they could have done something with it.

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