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We’re delighted to welcome Sam Doughty to the RDC family; Sam is taking on the role of Junior Developer and will be a great asset to the Product Development Team here at RDC HQ.

The air transport industry has developed a lot over the years, however the rate of change is slower than many other industries. It seems that aviation is left playing catchup, as it falls behind the innovative culture of other industries and technologies.

Last month we released this new website for brand "RDC". Whilst enabling our customers to learn more about our products and services, it also acts as a showcase for the expertise and dedication to be expected from our established business.

The Gulf carriers have connected 10 more US cities to the Middle East in the last decade, flying an additional 22 city-pairs and increasing US airport income by over $50m per annum, so why all the fuss? Did they spot a genuine opportunity that everyone else missed, one so large it justifies ordering over 600 new large jets – or is there something else behind the rise of the Middle East Big 3?

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