Meet The Team

Our team at RDC is made up of senior aviation data experts, developers and researchers. You will find us at the intersection of aviation expertise, big data and technical analysis.

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  • Peter Hind, Managing Director, RDC

    Peter Hind, Managing Director

    Peter is the MD of RDC and obsesses about knowing what's going on inside and outside the company. He still gets hung up on presentation and organisation, but having been here since we were only a 3 person business, it's understandable. He has spent over 20 years working in the commercial aviation industry, so has a decent understanding of how it works and an extensive network of contacts around the world.

    When not at his desk or in the air, he can be found playing golf, tennis or football with varying degrees of success, and spending time with his family.

  • Richard Leigh, Director, RDC

    Richard Leigh, Director

    Richard set the whole thing up back in 1999, and he's still heavily involved in the product side of RDC, responsible for AirportCharges, route forecasting, and a variety of new product developments. His background is mainly in airports and manufacturers, analysing stuff and telling stories with numbers. Next year will mark 30 years in the aviation business, which seems a very long time!

    Richard spends his time away from RDC playing hockey and badminton, and being forced to watch endless Top Gear and Outnumbered repeats by his three children.

  • Iain Smith, Director, RDC

    Iain Smith, Director

    Iain is the Director responsible for business development at RDC which means welcoming new clients as well as managing existing relationships.

    He clocks up plenty of miles with regular trips to meet with our international clients and he can often be found at the main networking conferences, particularly if they are in a glamorous location! His main areas of expertise are air service development and performance reporting, which makes him a natural specialist in our Apex product.

    Iain was born and bred in Glasgow and prides himself in being Scotland's only representative at RDC. He regards himself as one of Scotland's leading experts in aviation related issues and as such sees himself as the self-styled "Scottish Aviation Hero".

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  • Chris Haynes, Business Development Manager, RDC

    Chris Haynes, Business Development Manager

    Chris works in Business Development; he is one of the longest serving employees at RDC and has worked in aviation for longer than he can remember. Chris is a people person, he is often present at global aviation events and for those of you that have met him you will never forget him!

    Outside of work, Chris tortures himself by being a Nottingham Forest season ticket holder. He also loves to travel which is handy and is an avid film fan.

  • Steve Cobb, Business Development, RDC

    Steve Cobb, Business Development

    Steve is one of the veterans of the team and uses his experience in business development in central and Eastern Europe. He is more often than not on the road at aviation conferences or on business trips to interesting places!

    Away from work Steve is a season ticket holder at Luton Town FC (someone has to be) and fondly remembers the times when he didn't have grey hair.

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  • Ian Robins, Product & Customer Support Manager, RDC

    Ian Robins, Product & Customer Support Manager

    Ian is our Product and Customer Support Manager; he is a data geek and ensures the RDC products are kept up to date. When he's not talking data, he is found supporting and training our customers so they can get the most out of our products and services.

    Away from work he likes to watch and (try to) play football, listen to records and do a spot of gardening.

  • Niels van Alten, Senior Analyst, RDC

    Niels van Alten, Senior Analyst

    Niels is our Senior Analyst within the Product and Customer Support Department. With a degree in Aviation Engineering he brings excellent technical skills and an analytical mind to RDC, ensuring all of our products are working correctly. Niels also works closely with our customers, offering training, support and Dutch friendliness whenever needed.

    When not at work Niels enjoys spending time with his young family.

  • Alvin Han, Research Analyst, RDC

    Alvin Han, Research Analyst

    Alvin is our research analyst; there is nothing he doesn't know about data integrity. He contributes a variety of data research, processing and analysis skills to the company. Alvin also works alongside the business development team, supporting RDC within the Chinese market.

    Alvin spends his time away from RDC HQ reading books and enjoying the traditional tea culture of China.

  • James Whitaker, Analyst, RDC

    James Whitaker, Analyst

    James has joined RDC on his industrial placement from Loughborough University where he is currently studying for a degree in Air Transport Management. James is part of the support team, researching data and keeping our products up to date. With a keen eye for detail, he will make sure nothing is ever missed.

    James is an expert at seeking out good places for work lunches where he can use his student discount perks. He is now an avid listener of BBC radio 2 and 6 music and being the youngest in the office is the star of the game is this song older or younger than James!

    Away from the office, you can find James in the gym training for his next gymnastics competition, playing football for the RDC team or spending time with his two golden retrievers , Boris and Lily.

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  • Adam Kendall, Online Product Manager, RDC

    Adam Kendall, Online Product Manager

    As our product manager, Adam is driven by the desire to disrupt aviation's software world with class-leading online systems. With one eye on business strategy and one eye on customer requirements, his main responsibility is to see our product ideas grow from conception into fully-flourished online systems.

    Using words like 'user experience', 'customer-centred development' and 'pixel-perfection', he ensures the team is focussed on delivering experiences that exceed our clients' expectations every time.

    Away from the pixels, Adam immerses himself in the worlds of motoring, flying and football.

  • Mark Windle, Developer, RDC

    Mark Windle, Developer

    Mark, a member of our in-house software development team, is a methodical problem solver.

    With over 10 years' experience in the IT industry, his abundance of knowledge in software development and database administration allows him to drive forward the continuous improvement of our product range. He maintains the integrity and performance of our data systems by ensuring best-practices are implemented in everything we do.

    Outside of work, Mark likes to take long walks in the Peak District with his dogs.

  • Sam Doughty, Junior Developer, RDC

    Sam Doughty, Junior Developer

    Sam comes from a family of programmers and brings fresh ideas and experience to RDC, having worked with CRM software and online learning platforms in the past.

    Mainly responsible for our quarterly product updates, Sam keeps the RDC products in shape and introduces new features. He also provides an important support function within the development team and gives us the capacity to work on other cool projects!

    When he’s not developing for RDC, Sam works on his own projects; including the website for the British Collegiate Parachute Association (BCPA). Sam is a keen Skydiver and also enjoys climbing and outdoor sports in his spare time.

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  • Tim Coombs, Managing Director, Aviation Economics

    Tim Coombs, Managing Director, Aviation Economics

    Tim is the MD of Aviation Economics our consultancy brand and has a worked in aviation ever since leaving university, which was a long time ago…… he has a vast amount of experience in the industry! He runs a team of talented industry professionals who understand the industry end-to-end.

    Outside of work, Tim likes spending time with Nelson, his black Labrador (who sometimes visits the team at RDC HQ) and of course the rest of his family.

  • Richard Holt, Head of Transaction & Forecasting, Aviation Economics

    Richard Holt, Head of Transaction & Forecasting

    Richard is the Head of Transactions and Forecasting, leading a talented and enthusiastic team of consultants and analysts. He has over 25 years' experience in the aviation industry gained in airport management and consultancy. This experience has primarily focused on traffic forecasting, airport strategy and business planning.

    Married with two grown-up sons, he enjoys good food and wine and is an accomplished armchair sportsman!

  • Fazrul Roslan, Senior Aviation Analyst, Aviation Economics

    Fazrul Roslan, Senior Aviation Analyst

    Fazrul is a detail oriented aviation consultant, whose passion for airport strategic planning and demand forecasting has developed over his many years in the aviation industry. Fazrul is part of the Airport Transaction Advisory team, focussed on helping stakeholders understand the risks and opportunities of potential aviation investments.

    When he has some free time, he spends it relaxing with his family at home or enjoying the sometimes sunny outdoors!

  • Joanna Hunt, Head of Route Development, Aviation Economics

    Joanna Hunt, Head of Route Development

    Jo's industry experience pre-dates most of Europe's low cost airlines! Working at an airline and being part of the low cost airline revolution sparked a passion for the industry which she shares with the team. Having always focused on the commercial side of airline operations, she now heads the route development side of the consultancy business, leading a team of highly skilled colleagues. Jo is a regular attendee of the key route development events around Europe and enjoys meeting industry professionals from all over the world.

    Away from the office, Jo enjoys sailing on the open seas with her family and being part of a local tap dance troop.

  • Nick Harper, Senior Analyst, Aviation Economics

    Nick Harper, Senior Analyst

    Nick is a Senior Analyst in the Consultancy department; working primarily on the route development side of the business. He enjoys being involved in the wide variety of projects we take on and using his vast industry experience to provide clear analysis and insight for our clients. Nick particularly likes finding new information sources to further enhance our client's presentations.

    During his spare time Nick is kept busy trying to keep pace with his young son and enjoying time with his family.

  • Daniel Irvine, Research Engineer, Aviation Economics

    Daniel Irvine, Aviation Analyst

    Dan joined the team after graduating from Loughborough University with a first class degree in Air Transport Management and working with the British Air Transport Association on behalf of UK airlines. He was absorbed by aviation from a young age, learning to fly before he could drive! He now brings that life-long passion and extensive knowledge of the industry to the RDC team.

    Dan has also written a number of academic papers in collaboration with Loughborough University on the topic of airport capacity.

    When he’s not absorbed in the world of aviation, Dan enjoys attending Formula 1 races and playing as a running back for Beeston’s American Football team!

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  • Jennifer Turner, Marketing & Communications Manager, RDC

    Jennifer Turner, Marketing & Communications Manager

    Jen, our Marketing and Communications Manager, has a passion for organising and ticking things off lists! She brings a wealth of marketing and project management experience to RDC, having worked in the transport industry for the last 8 years. Jen works across all departments of the business to ensure communications are consistent and our customers are happy.

    She spends her time away from RDC HQ competing with her team at Horseball tournaments in the UK and Europe and training her Cocker Spaniel to behave!

  • Philippa Ryan, Office Manager, RDC

    Philippa Ryan, Office Manager

    Philippa is our much needed office manager; she brings a wealth of project management and organizational skills to the team, as well as her ability to make a spreadsheet for any task! She ensures the smooth day to day running of the office as well as coordinating business travel and assisting with the Consultancy and Marketing departments.

    When she is not at RDC she is kept busy by her two young children. She also runs a small gluten free baking business, and if that wasn't enough rushing around, she has now joined a running club and is in training for the Great South Run.