Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Helping Universal Weather to win more business

Executive Summary

Universal Weather is a one stop shop for general, corporate and private aviation operators. From fuel to hotels, catering to flight crew and costs to pilots Universal Weather has a solution. Crucial to this successful operation is easy access to accurate data. This is where RDC come in, providing up to date airport charges data in a usable and actionable format to enable immediate responses to requests for quotes meaning that:

  • Quotes are accurate and profit is known
  • Business is not lost due to delays in gathering information


Universal Weather offer an outsourced solution to most aspects of business aviation. With this comes the requirement to provide accurate and immediate quotes to fly aircraft from one destination to another – understanding the costs of doing so is a critical component of this. Getting this wrong can be costly and not having the information at their fingertips can mean that they are too late in quoting and could lose business as a result.

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It was an easy decision to work with RDC

Fred Quinonez, Foxtrot Team Leader | Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Why RDC?

Universal Weather already had a data supplier but were dissatisfied with the accuracy, reliability and breadth of the data they received. As such they went through a competitive assessment of providers to choose a trusted partner they could work with. The final decision was made based on three factors:

  • Data reliability
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Standard of support

Based on these factors RDC was the clear winner and both sides have since enjoyed a relationship spanning the past three years.

The Future

The relationship continues to evolve as both businesses grow, with Universal Weather seeing increased global bookings and the addition of a wider set of services to their portfolio, whilst RDC continue to invest in the data they provide and the software through which it is accessed.

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We see this as a partnership, a collaboration between our two organisations for our mutual success

Fred Quinonez, Foxtrot Team Leader | Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.