Helping FL3XX to revolutionise business aviation quoting

Executive Summary

FL3XX is changing the way business aviation operates. It is unlike any other flight operations software, uniquely bringing together all the data required to make informed quotes in real time via an intuitive cloud based platform.

RDC is a crucial element to the solution providing up to date, comprehensive and accurate airport charges data in real time. This enables business jet operators to:

  • Accurately calculate the airport charges element of a business aviation quote.
  • Spend time using the data, not researching it
  • Maximise their revenue and profit on routes.


Business jet operators are frequently at the mercy of fluctuating airport costs across an array of categories from many disparate sources. Collating such data manually is time consuming, error-prone and costly.

FL3XX software depicted on a laptop computer and smartphone.
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We surveyed the market to find the best source of airport charges data, and in truth there was nothing to compare RDC's solution against - RDC is THE source for airport data globally

Stefan Oberender, Chief Operating Officer | FL3XX

Why RDC?

FL3XX is a web-based, API driven, automated, and integrated aviation management platform that provides all the services and information needed for business jet operators to provide accurate quotes in real time to their clients. This includes a managed workflow platform handling the entire sequence from incoming flight requests, all the way to post-flight operations alongside a full set of back office and support features.

By linking RDC's airport taxes and charges data directly into the FL3XX platform via an API, business jet operators are able to estimate costs and provide quotes on the fly. Using RDC means that they have confidence that the data they rely on is accurate and up to date, and all the information needed is in one place.

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RDC is a pleasure to work with, the integration was seamless and the team is flexible and responsive to our requests

Stefan Oberender, Chief Operating Officer | FL3XX

FL3XX is growing rapidly with nearly 50 operators using the system already. They also plan further integration and development such that quotes are entirely automated and no manual intervention is required. RDC is supporting FL3XX on this journey, continuing the excellent partnership the two businesses have developed, to enable business jet operators to maximise profits and reduce costs.