We collect, analyse and deliver unique data to companies within and across the air transport industry, through online apps, APIs and datasets. We give people the confidence to make business decisions from unfamiliar and often complicated information.


Why we’re different

We believe that useful insights should be accessible to everyone

Collecting data, in many ways, is the easy bit. What’s much harder is to turn that disparate and often complex raw data and formulae into consistent and usable intelligence that delivers actionable insights.

To deliver those insights, you need to combine years of aviation industry expertise with clever research and development in order to summarise and present outcomes in a way that makes sense.

With our Team, which brings together decades of aviation expertise with passionate data and product development people, hundreds of aviation businesses trust RDC every day to provide them the insights they need to make smart decisions.

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Our story

Driven by a desire to build better products that make customers’ lives easier

Our story started more than 20 years ago when, frustrated by the lack of usable market intelligence, we set about collecting data ourselves and presenting it through intuitive online apps. We began building a team of developers and researchers who could turn raw data into clever products, powered by the things our customers needed to know. Over time, the data we collect has expanded to include operational cost data (such as airport user charges and government taxes and airline financial performance indicators including air fares and route profitability.

We love delivering information to people in a way that makes sense, saving them from timely research, the need to understand complicated methodologies or calculating and reformatting information. The unique part of what we do is turning disparate and often complex raw data and formulae into consistent and usable intelligence that delivers actionable insights to our users, whether that is to calculate the cost of landing a specific aircraft at an airport, or identifying gaps in a market that might support new air services.

As well as building great products, we take pride in understanding the information that goes into them. Our support team is passionate about data accuracy and completeness, sharing their expertise with customers and reacting to requests for things we don’t already have. Through this approach, we’ve built strong and trusted relationships across the industry, from the largest airlines and manufacturers to smaller airports and business jet operators.

Industry expertise + clever research and development = actionable insights

Our data

RDC's unique and proprietary datasets offer our clients insights which few other providers can offer; insights which help them understand the opportunities and risks they face as a business. Our core datasets cover these main areas:

Global coverage

The world's largest dataset of runway, passenger and en route charges covering more than 3,000 airports, supported by global coverage of government tax data.

Proprietary fuel calculations

Proprietary fuel burn and route operating cost calculation engines, enabling the costs (and CO2 emissions) for any combination of carrier and equipment type on any O&D to be determined.

Worldwide networks

Comprehensive and network-wide fares data for more than 100 of the world's leading carriers, providing a view on future revenue performance.