Eindhoven Airport (EIN) has recently re-modelled its airport charges to include a component of time of day, noise, and engine emissions within the landing fee.

We caught up with Dean Boljuncic (Head of Aviation Development & Partnerships at EIN) to find out how AirportCharges and LOOP played a vital role in this process.

Eindhoven Airport’s long term goals were:

  • To stimulate airlines to use aircraft with lower noise and emission footprints as much as possible.
  • To increase utilisation of the airport during the low noise impact hours as much as possible.
  • To reduce CO2 and NOx footprint.
  • To reduce nuisance for the local community.

Eindhoven pricing example for select narrow body aircraft by time of day Eindhoven pricing example for select narrow body aircraft by time of day

In remodelling the airport charges structure at Eindhoven, you used a combination of RDC services. What was the first step that you took in this process?
The initial step that we took was to determine our long-term goals, based on our purpose, strategy, and requirements. The starting point of our strategy was to benchmark our own performance, but also to roll-out potential scenarios and options in order to achieve our long-term goals.

How vital was it to have access to accurate aircraft and engine data in LOOP?
A proper benchmark is based on accurate and thorough analysis and monitoring process. In order to do so, LOOP played a crucial role, since most of the noise and emission data that we needed could be found in one place. It is organised well, accessible and is very up to date and accurate.

Was there a particular feature of LOOP that was particularly beneficial in the process?
Yes, the most important pieces of information were noise data (cumulative margins) and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) data which is all available, queryable and downloadable from LOOP.

How did AirportCharges fit into the process?
We used AirportCharges to conduct analysis of internal and external factors and their influence on our market position. We need to know what our position is within the peer airport group, what could be the result of internal factors (increasing or decreasing our Airport Charges) or external factors (such as introducing or increasing the government tax, slot fee, Eurocontrol fee etc.)

How would you have undertaken this task without access to AirportCharges and LOOP?
It would be very difficult and significantly more time consuming if we didn’t use AirportCharges and LOOP. It’s hard to say with complete certainty but I estimate that the process would have taken at least twice as long.

What role will LOOP and AirportCharges play in the short and medium term at Eindhoven?
The analysis part is over, and we are now starting with the monitoring process. In the short term, we will use both LOOP and AirportCharges for monitoring purposes.

Have you seen any changes to the fleet compositions being used at Eindhoven as result?
Yes, we already noticed that our system is working, and we see that we are realising our goals.

How were the changes received within the airline community?
Very well actually. First of all, we had very good data and analysis. Then we presented our data and goals in a very logical way, so at the end of the day, they could not, disagree with us. The airport and our airline partners are on the same side, and we have mutual goals to achieve.

How have the changes been received by the local community?
Also very well! This is the first time that a charges structure containing noise and emission parameters has been introduced, and the results in terms of noise and air quality are already being borne out, improving the local community’s perception of the airport.

If you would like to hear more from Dean and the success of Eindhoven Airport’s new, innovative and proactive approach to lowering the airport’s noise & emissions footprint, he is presenting on this topic at the Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE in Amsterdam March 14, 15, 16, 2023.

RDC will also be in attendance, so please contact us if you would like to learn more about AirportCharges and LOOP.


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