In the world of billing user fees and charges, the key document in establishing the basis for charging an airline for operating at an airport, or to resolve a dispute over an invoice, is the noise certificate.

A noise certificate is an essential document, but getting access to them, and knowing when one has been updated can be far from simple.

Because of the challenges associated with this process, updating noise and weight data within finance systems can be a time consuming process, and is often undertaken once-a-year. RDC built LOOP to allow airports easier access to these crucial documents, helping them to increase invoice accuracy and reduce the number of errors and disputes.

As well as allowing users to view and download noise certificates, LOOP goes further.

As part of the noise certificate verification process, RDC analysts extract and database the MTOW (Maximum take off weight), the noise values at the various measurement points and the date of issue from the document.

This data is made available to Professional subscribers within the application, reducing the amount of time spent researching, downloading, viewing and checking noise certificates from a multitude of sources in order to validate noise values and aircraft weights. Also as part of the Professional subscription, RDC notify users with an email whenever a change to data and documentation is made, a new aircraft is delivered or when an aircraft is retired, scrapped or transferred.

In just over a year, the noise certificate library in LOOP has grown to nearly 6,000 and continues to grow with each airline update.

LOOP provides a secure, centralised resource that allows operators to upload and manage their aircraft data and documents in one place, choosing who to share them with. Airports and ANSPs are able to configure, view and download data for all of their airline customers, choosing which data fields they need, what order they want it, the units to be used and how to name each field, meaning data can be added directly to finance and other operational systems without the need for any other manual process.

The availability of noise certificates and associated data is only part of the LOOP disruption. We’re on a mission to revolutionise the distribution of core data. Find out more at or get in touch via

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