And what do they all currently have in common?

At the end of October 2022, of the 3,174 global airports in AirportCharges, just 43 currently have emissions-based charges which is a 30% increase upon pre-pandemic levels October 2019.

Airports with emissions based charging October 2022 Airports with emissions-based charging October 2022

What do these airports currently have in common? They are all in Western Europe.

Of the 43 airports with emissions-based charges, we can see that NOx output is by far the most common used by airports for charging.

Emissions based charges by emission type Emissions-based charges by emission type

Back in 2019, none of the airports with emissions-based charges were using CO2 within their charge calculations; now almost 20% are including CO2 highlighting a shift towards a wider focus on sustainability, rather than a focus just on local environmental issues.

As discussed in our recent article Charging issues for airports and airlines, a challenge with these environmental based charges is that the inputs are very technical, making charging far more complex.

Will more airport's adopt emissions-based charges? or will they opt for simpler mechanisms of incentivising newer more efficient aircraft? Time will tell but we will be using AirportCharges to monitor the situation.


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