Our May 2023 Aviation Emissions Report looks at global passenger related aviation emissions, with a specific focus on the 25 largest markets by total aviation emissions.

This month we look at China as our focus country.

Emissions Report May 2023 Focus market on this month's report: China

Highlights from this month’s report include:

  • Total global passenger-related aviation emissions estimated at 60.99m tonnes.
  • 40% of aviation emissions in May 2023 were covered by a compliance programme such as CORSIA or EU ETS.
  • The largest growth rates in the 25 largest emitting markets in May 2023, when compared with May 2022 were Republic of Korea (+127%), Thailand (+89%) and Singapore (+69%).
  • Just six markets (India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil and Mexico) out of the 25 largest emitting markets saw aviation emissions in May 2023 above May 2019 levels.

Spotlight on China – the 2nd largest source of passenger related aviation emissions in May 2023.

  • In May 2023, passenger related aviation emissions from China were estimated at 7.32m tonnes, 5% below pre pandemic levels in May 2019.
  • Currently aviation emissions from China are not covered by any compliance scheme.
  • Domestic services are the largest contributor to China’s aviation emissions; since the pandemic, international services have been slower to return, thus domestic services represent a higher contribution to total emissions in percentage terms.
  • China Southern Airlines is the largest emitter of aviation emissions from China over the past 12 months, followed by China Eastern Airlines.

Download this month’s report here

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