Our November 2021 Aviation Emissions Report takes a look at how the continued recovery from COVID is translating into overall emissions.

Though the emergence of the latest COVID variant this month has resulted in countries quickly restricting air traffic movements from southern African countries, operations more broadly continue to recover, with global departures in November 2021 back at 70% of pre-pandemic levels. Our November 2021 Emissions Report takes a look at how this recovery is translating into overall emissions.

RDC Emissions Report India Focus November 21 Focus market on this month's report: India

Highlights from this months’ report include:

  • Total global emissions are estimated as 39m tonnes, with more than two-thirds not covered by a major compliance scheme such as CORSIA or EU-ETS
  • As operations return towards pre-pandemic levels, so do emissions - the USA, for example, is now back to 80% of pre-pandemic emissions for November 2021
  • Spotlight on India - the third largest source of global aviation emissions in November 2021, generating 1.3m tonnes of CO2 (and nearly 12m tonnes year to date). Though emissions are largely caused by domestic operations, some major international operators such as United Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways, are in the top 10 of largest contributors to India’s emissions over the last 12 months
  • Few Indian carriers appear on RDC’s ranking of sustainability via our CARE Index - Air India Express’s operations making it the 9th most sustainable Asian operator

Download this month's report here

Banner image by Matthias Heyde on Unsplash


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