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Powered by RDC Data, Apex helps you spot growth opportunities, manage risk, explore sustainability and monitor performance. Apex is trusted by over 130 airports, airlines, investors and tourism bodies for its ease of use and market leading insights. Are you ready to elevate your analysis?

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Supercharge your analysis with our new clouds

Our brand new cloud functionality gives you access to unique features that help you to address the key use cases faced by your business:

Why Apex?

Who is Apex for?



Gain the market intelligence you need to grow and manage your network and improve your relationship with airlines.

Add credibility to airline negotiations
Apex delivers detailed analysis in the language of airline network planners. It enables you to quickly produce multiple route studies and generate clear reports.
Secure sustainable and profitable routes
Develop a better understanding of current route performance and the fares needed to achieve breakeven. Monitor seasonality and identify 'at risk' routes.
Understand the impact of airport discounts
Which routes are cash cows for airlines and which are less profitable? Use Apex to be better informed in negotiations with airlines.


Better understand the space you operate in with tools for finding new market opportunities and evaluating competitors.

New air service development
Quickly find unserved markets and understand which markets present the best opportunities using gap analysis, fare and profitability tools.
Evaluate competitor performance
Apex includes a detailed database of airline financial data and aircraft data. This resource enables Apex to be used to assess competitor performance, at the network level or drilling down into individual routes.


Support your investment strategies with a tool that enables you to understand key trends and forces in the airline market.

Predict future airline performance
Identify trends in forward-looking air fares (up to 6 months in advance) for traded airlines and understand the core drivers of network profitability for leading LCCs and Full Service carriers.
Understand competitive factors
Understand changes in competition which a carrier might face with 12 months forward-looking global schedules data.
Evaluate changes to network
Benchmark the performance of recently launched services to understand the likely benefit they’ll have to overall network profitability.

Apex contains


Our data

RDC's unique and proprietary datasets offer our clients insights which few other providers can offer; insights which help them understand the opportunities and risks they face as a business. Our core datasets cover these main areas:

Global coverage

The world's largest dataset of runway, passenger and en route charges covering more than 3,000 airports, supported by global coverage of government tax data.

Proprietary fuel calculations

Proprietary fuel burn and route operating cost calculation engines, enabling the costs (and CO2 emissions) for any combination of carrier and equipment type on any O&D to be determined.

Worldwide networks

Comprehensive and network-wide fares data for more than 100 of the world's leading carriers, providing a view on future revenue performance.

Elevate your analysis with Apex