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Airport and En Route Charges APIs

Why use these APIs?

  • Quicker and more accurate items - Increase the accuracy of your airport charges quoting from directly within your quoting interface with our Airport and En route Charges APIs.
  • Check invoices for accuracy - Reduce manual effort and errors by integrating Airport Charges data into in-house billing systems for cost comparison.
Airport Charges API
Calculates all main published charges at more than 3,000 airports around the world, including airport charges, terminal navigation fees and government taxes for a flight sector.
  • Use any airport from the 3,000+ in the airport charges database
  • Cost categories consistent with AirportCharges web application
  • Operators - use custom fleet for more accurate results
  • Integrate with FL3XX and Leon systems
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En Route Charges API
Aggregates the en route charges of a flight sector based on fees charged by the individual Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).
  • Calculate for routes using great circle distance or with waypoints for more accuracy
  • Use charges from 176 ANSPs using over 154,996 waypoints
  • Request results at a total level or with breakdown by country
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Why use this API?

  • Increase bookings with eco-friendly choices - Show CO2 emission data against each flight in a route level query to help customers make the most eco-friendly choice.
  • Improve sustainability branding - Show CO2 emission data against each flight following a flight search. Display an emissions calculator on your website so that visitors can see the carbon emissions for a specific flight.
  • Quantify and manage carbon emissions - Analyse the CO2 emissions from a network of air services to understand their indirect emissions inventory and include in reporting and reduction initiatives.
Calculate CO2 emissions for any flown or fictional routing.
  • Calculate CO2 emissions on a total route level or split by aircraft cabin
  • Only requires a route origin and destination; optionally provide an airline and/or aircraft for greater accuracy
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Our LOOP API allows airport community members to directly integrate data into their invoicing and finance systems for seamless and accurate invoice creation. The LOOP API is only accessible to members of the LOOP airport community and, as with all data flows in LOOP, access is permission based, meaning that airline partners must authorise your access to their data.

Why use this API?

  • Quicker and more accurate aircraft data - Data is available as soon as it’s processed in LOOP, meaning you have the most up-to-date information as soon as possible.
  • Reduce manual processing - LOOP API is the ultimate way to streamline the airline → airport data submission process.
  • Improve invoice accuracy - Improve accuracy by ensuring you have access to the right data - validated against noise certificates - to calculate invoices.
  • Monitor your sustainability targets - Understand noise and local emissions data from your airline partners.
  • Remove the contact book - LOOP provides a single source for aircraft data, removing the need to manage individual contacts.
Secure, permissions-based API only available to airport subscribers to the LOOP platform. Provides the latest aircraft data from your airline partners.
  • Access to aircraft MTOW, configuration, noise values and engine data
  • Seamlessly update your airport operational database, ERP or finance system
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information which your airline partners have given you permission to access
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API Integration partners

FL3XX, Leon Software and myairops - Quickly calculate accurate charges

With business jet operators frequently at the mercy of fluctuating airport costs, it can be time consuming, error-prone and costly to collate the data required for quoting.

Having a quick way of finding and calculating these costs as part of a item is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage.

FL3XX, Leon Software and myairops provide solutions that solve these problems and have integrated RDC APIs. This has been a game changer for business aviation as it’s helping their customers to quickly calculate the most accurate charges information.

Anthesis - Enhanced sustainability package

Anthesis has used the CO2 API to integrate RDC emissions data. This compliments Anthesis’s existing carbon offsetting solution perfectly and allows them to offer a complete sustainability service package to their customers.


Our data

RDC's unique and proprietary datasets offer our clients insights which few other providers can offer; insights which help them understand the opportunities and risks they face as a business. Our core datasets cover these main areas:

Global coverage

The world's largest dataset of runway, passenger and en route charges covering more than 3,000 airports, supported by global coverage of government tax data.

Proprietary fuel calculations

Proprietary fuel burn and route operating cost calculation engines, enabling the costs (and CO2 emissions) for any combination of carrier and equipment type on any O&D to be determined.

Worldwide networks

Comprehensive and network-wide fares data for more than 100 of the world's leading carriers, providing a view on future revenue performance.

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