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LOOP is the secure way to distribute or receive airline fleet and aircraft data across the air transport industry. LOOP will streamline your organisation's financial, operational, environmental and commercial processes which rely on accurate aircraft reference data.

Airports and ANSPs
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Who is LOOP for?


Airports & ANSPs

Minimise the time spent researching with a single source of airframe data and documentation, ready for use across your business.

Save time
Operator provided and independently verified data is managed centrally and can be accessed in the format that works for you.
Regular access to correct data
Updated data is available as soon as the operators update, meaning you have the most up-to-date information possible.
Remove the contact book
LOOP acts as the single source for aircraft data, removing the need to manage individual contacts. LOOP is a community and you can scale its reach by inviting your contacts to join.

Airlines & Operators

Streamline the distribution of your aircraft data to the stakeholders on your network.

Save time
Manage your fleet data in one format and one location whilst sharing to all touchpoints on your network. LOOP is a community and you can scale its reach by inviting your contacts to join.
Improve invoice accuracy
LOOP helps to improve accuracy by ensuring airports have access to the correct data. You will spend less time in dispute over invoicing and will benefit from improved airport relations.
Secure data distribution
LOOP is permission led, meaning you can easily manage the organisations accessing your data.

LOOP simplifies fleet data distribution

Without LOOP

Without LOOP

Distributing fleet data to many airports at different times in various formats and notifying them of changes is resource-intensive.


Take a step back

Allow LOOP to streamline the distribution of fleet data to the stakeholders on your network.


Discover the ultimate way to streamline the airline / airport data submission process. Our LOOP API allows airport community members to directly integrate data into their internal systems. As with all aspects of LOOP, you will be able to access information which your airline partners have given you permission to view. Learn more here


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