We like to support causes close to our heart.


We know it's important to give a little back; at RDC we do this by supporting a charity that is close to our hearts.

Instead of buying Secret Santa presents for their colleagues, the employees at RDC give the money to our charity. This has two benefits; obviously it helps the charity but it also saves people having to get rid of unwanted Secret Santa presents!!

We're keen sports fanatics here at RDC HQ, so we also like to sponsor marathon runners in order to support the runners and help our charities.

Rainbows Hospice

Rainbows are dedicated to meeting the needs of children and young people from the East Midlands who go to the Hospice. These children and young people are all affected by life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. The Hospice offers them a place where they and their families are cared and supported.

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