Investor Case Study

Giving investors the edge within the aviation market

Executive Summary

RDC has a unique set of modelled data and insights into airline yields, revenue and profitability available BEFORE airlines themselves release it to the market.

This gives our clients an extra layer of intelligence to support their investment strategies.

Access to the Apex platform allows investors to view, download and analyse a wide range of data in a user friendly format.

Introducing Apex

Apex is a software and data platform that gives you access to accurate, up to the minute and global forecasts of airline fares, revenue and profitability.

It is a cloud-based application meaning you can be up and running in minutes.

A Unique Solution

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to — RDC analysts have processed millions of data points to highlight the vital pieces of insight that you need most. All this is available at your finger tips via the Apex platform.

British Airways turned to RDC to better understand their user charges, verify that invoices properly reflected the actual scale of operations and identify areas where they could make savings.

Apex contains historical current and future revenue projections enabling you to spot trends before the rest of the market.

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The information that RDC hold is gold dust to any investor in the aviation market

Analyst, London Hedge Fund, November 2017
Chart below shows historical and projected Ryanair fares as at end of November 2017 (data is for illustrative purposes only)
Date Carrier Sector Length KM Currency Three Month Fare One Month Fare One Week Fare Weighted Average Fare Per Kilometre Status
Mar-18 Ryanair 1,336 EUR 38.95 40.45 0.030 projected
Feb-18 Ryanair 1,301 EUR 34.36 42.74 0.033 projected
Jan-18 Ryanair 1,324 EUR 28.005 35.42 29.29 0.022 projected
Dec-17 Ryanair 1,337 EUR 47.41 66.40 40.30 0.030 projected
Nov-17 Ryanair 1,308 EUR 31.03 47.68 83.16 39.36 0.030 historical
Oct-17 Ryanair 1,316 EUR 41.97 61.06 14.11 52.47 0.040 historical
Sep-17 Ryanair 1,313 EUR 52.15 67.58 109.37 60.50 0.046 historical
Aug-17 Ryanair 1,326 EUR 77.11 89.84 141.68 85.47 0.064 historical
Jul-17 Ryanair 1,331 EUR 71.68 78.15 118.41 77.26 0.058 historical
Jun-17 Ryanair 1,325 EUR 52.76 57.00 89.93 57.02 0.043 historical
May-17 Ryanair 1,311 EUR 43.92 44.71 76.64 46.99 0.036 historical
Apr-17 Ryanair 1,313 EUR 49.34 59.50 101.12 56.15 0.043 historical
Mar-17 Ryanair 1,256 EUR 28.58 41.65 79.21 36.06 0.029 historical
Nov-17 Ryanair 1,252 EUR 31.31 44.41 72.21 37.98 0.030 historical


  • Save time — Apex delivers complex data in a simple but accurate interface. Analysis of millions of individual fare data points into the key financial numbers enables you to get straight to the results. You don’t need to spend any time sifting through the raw data.
  • Increase accuracy — system wide yields formed from analysis of every route using the same methodology and collection strategy ensuring accurate results.
  • Improve results — make the best decisions using the best data.
  • Current — previous month's data released after the end of each month and ahead of the airline’s actual performance.


Yield data for over 60 airlines, many of which are listed on the stock market

  • Monthly yields released two weeks after month end.
  • Fare data up to 6 months into the future. Yield forecast up to 4 months into the future.
  • Analyse top level airline performance or delve into market dynamics.

Network wide profitability data

  • Profit data built up by month by route for 15 key airlines — and growing.
  • Data adjusted to published airline financials.
  • Analyse routes, bases, county performance, seasonality.