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Helping LEON to enhance flight scheduling quotes

Executive Summary

LEON's philosophy is to be focused on what we know best (Flight Scheduling Software) and to ultimately deliver the best product possible. They bring together the most precise data to produce the most accurate quotes. This is all hosted on the cloud-based platform bringing convenience and mobility to clients.

RDC provides accurate and crucial costs for airport charges to quotes. This lets aviation operators calculate accurately airport charges for their quotes to maximise their revenue and provide competitive pricing.


Aviation business operators are frequently at the mercy of fluctuating airport costs across an array of categories from many dissimilar sources. Collating such data manually is time-consuming, prone to be outdated and operationally antiquated.

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AirportCharges was selected by our clients as it proved to offer reliable data. Our focus is on developing integrations that are useful and needed. Therefore we did not hesitate to make AirportCharges available on our add-on list.

Anna Kozłowska-Janczy, Vice President | Leon Software

Why RDC?

LEON is a cloud-based scheduling software for managing your workflow, keeping track of all schedule & crew changes and acting as a central source of various information within your aviation operations. The platform delivers a web-based, flexible solution for sales, crew, OPS and maintenance departments with many useful tools in one place.

By linking RDC's airport taxes and charges data directly into the LEON platform via an API, operators can estimate costs and provide quotes on the fly. Using RDC means that they have confidence that the data is available, accurate, up to date, and all the information is available when quoting.

AirportCharges linked directly into the LEON platform

The Future

LEON is a rapidly popular and fast-growing platform with over 250 operators using the system. They plan further development of Leon Sales functionality to make quoting and costing processes, with the aid of AirportCharges, even faster and more effortless. RDC supports LEON with this route and fostering an excellent partnership the two businesses have developed, to help aircraft operators remain profitable and reduce costs.​