Enabling Ryanair to improve decision making through the provision of competitor route performance

Executive Summary

Ryanair is Europe's most profitable airline and operates from 80 bases flying 1,500 routes throughout the continent, this is an increase of over 300 new routes in the last year alone. Passenger numbers have also grown at a rapid rate to over 100 million per annum.

This dedication to be the best is why they turned to RDC when it came to understand the potential for profitable expansion. Through its Apex platform, RDC provides Ryanair with network wide performance data for over 50 airlines meaning that:

  • They can analyse accurate and up to date fare, yield and profit data for all competing airlines
  • Using this data they are able to identified the most profitable opportunities for expansion


Ryanair operate a fleet of over 400 aircraft and have ordered over 150 more which will be delivered over the next few years. With over 80 bases and 200 different destinations there are multiple opportunities to explore.

With this comes the requirement to analyse huge amounts of complex data in various markets throughout Europe. This can be time consuming and data can be difficult to find in some markets. Equally being assured that the data is accurate and up to date is always a challenge.

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Without access to RDC’s performance data it would take us considerable resource to get the quantity and quality of data that they provide. We have used their data ahead of opening up new bases and hundreds of new routes and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Colin Casey, Director of Schedule Development | Ryanair

Why RDC?

RDC provides Ryanair with network wide fare and yield data for their main competitors through access to its Apex platform. Ryanair conducted a competitive process to identify the very best in aviation data. The final decision was made based on three factors:

  • Data accuracy
  • Instant and easy access to the answers to their questions
  • Complete network coverage

The Future

Ryanair continues to expand and to focus on ensuring all of its operations are profitable. RDC supports Ryanair on this journey by ensuring that it is always investing in product enhancements and development alongside an ongoing commitment to keeping its data accurate, global and current.

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RDC gives us a unique insight into the performance of competitor routes meaning that we can confidently make decisions on where we fly to next

Colin Casey, Director of Schedule Development | Ryanair