Our proprietary fuel burn calculation, enables us to calculate aviation CO2 emissions data by flight, for any combination airline and aircraft type on any origin and destination.

RDC maintains a comprehensive database of airlines, aircraft and engine types and seating configurations of more than 35,000 airframes which enables a more granular calculation to be made.

The application of airline-specific seat configurations allows emissions to be attributed on a per seat, per passenger or per cabin/seat basis, more accurately highlighting the difference in emissions per passenger and enabling more informed customer decisions about the impact of their travel.

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RDC Data (proprietary)



Time range

January 2017 to twelve months forward

Key data points

CO2 by route
CO2 per flight
CO2 per airline average
CO2 per ASK
CO2 per Km
CO2 all airline average
CO2 by cabin class (first, business, premium economy, economy)
CO2 by cabin class all airline average

Time range

January 2017 to twelve months forward

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