It’s now a year since we officially launched the LOOP platform and the uptake has totally exceeded our expectations.

Looking back over the last 12 months, an average of one airport every day has joined the LOOP community, growing from a handful of early adopters to over 350 airports and ANSPs at the end of October 2021. LOOP has already saved thousands of hours of work and improved the accuracy of invoices from airports to airlines as it replaces cumbersome manual processes with a brilliantly intuitive, secure interface built on RDC’s renowned tech platform.

LOOP growth from November 2021

Collating aircraft noise and weight data to populate finance systems is a time consuming process, often undertaken only once-a-year, yet this is the cornerstone in calculating multi-million dollars of monthly invoices from airports to aircraft operators. We built LOOP after seeing the same problems at every airport or aircraft operator we spoke to:

  1. Airports having access to accurate and current base data on which to calculate user charges for billing their customers
  2. Aircraft operators having to submit similar data to hundreds of airports each year using unsecure and inappropriate systems
  3. Invoices being generated using the wrong data, leading to billing disputes and revenue loss

LOOP eliminates these problems. It provides a secure, centralised resource that allows operators to upload and manage their aircraft data and documents in one place, choosing who to share them with. Airports and ANSPs are able to configure then download data for all of their airline customers, choosing which data fields they need, what order they want it, what distance and weight the units to be used and how to name each field, meaning data can be added directly to finance and other operational systems without the need for any other manual process.

This is just the start of the LOOP journey. We’re on a mission to revolutionise the distribution of core data. Find out more at or get in touch via


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