Here at RDC, we are all about saving time and money for our customers. As proof of this, we have joined forces with Leon Software to help them deliver an even better pricing solution utilising our AirportCharges data.

With the recent update to the Leon software, users may activate the integration with RDC’s flagship data from our AirportCharges platform.

Our AirportCharges platform, consists of data for over 3,000 airports, helps sales departments save hundreds of hours normally taken up by researching. Whether there are landing fees to be calculated, passenger charges to be included, or government taxes to be paid, AirportCharges provides a reliable source of information, necessary to get an edge in the ever-changing aviation business.

It is also why we have introduced the data feed from AirportCharges during the process of managing quotes within Leon’s software. As of now, companies using both solutions have the opportunity to view actual charges, for specific airports, on routes selected, in the current quotation.

Many customers are already benefiting from using our AirportCharges data in accurate quoting and cost forecasting.

This integration is driven by customer feedback and is part of RDC’s commitment to deliver the latest product availability for AirportCharges.


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