Another significant milestone attained at RDC, we have broken through the 3,000 airport coverage barrier in AirportCharges.

AirportCharges increase in airports Year on year growth of the number of airports on AirportCharges

We have come a long way since the launch of At it's inception our coverage was limited to a few hundred airports and our calculation engine mirrored the basic structure of airport charges which were prevalent at the time. Fast forward 15 years and we have completely revamped the calculation engine so that it can dynamically calculate any airport charge no matter the level of complication, included global en-route navigation fees and calculator, offer a number of APIs for third party system integration and now boast coverage of over 3,000 individual airports throughout the globe.

So what’s next? 4,000 airports? No doubt our customer requirements will take us to that figure at some point over the next few years. However our near term ambition goes way beyond airport coverage. We are focussing on a number of developments which will allow our customers to vastly improve airport charges budgeting, forecasting and invoice reconciliation. Watch out for a major announcement over the next few months...

Banner image by @shawnanggg on Unsplash


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