RDC is delighted to be working with Corporate Travel Management, a global provider of innovative and cost-effective travel solutions spanning corporate, events, leisure, loyalty, and wholesale travel.

For many years, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has provided its customers with dedicated carbon emissions reporting and offsetting. These reports are great for understanding the level of impact and what the key drivers of emissions were; however, CTM wished to go further and provide their customers with the functionality to influence more sustainable booking behaviour.

CTM wished to show its customers the most accurate data for flight CO2 emissions which reflected the airline and aircraft combination as well as seat configurations and class of travel. In addition, CTM wished to seamlessly integrate this information and return the output of the calculation into their class leading booking platform Lightning search results. Using our CO2 data this is exactly what they have achieved.

CTM’s implementation of our CO2 data allows their customers to view CO2 emissions by flight and seat tailored to the airline and aircraft operating the route, giving users the ability to sort flight options by the lowest available emissions at the time of booking.

CTM Lightning screenshot Extract from CTM Lightning booking platform

As an added feature CTM customers can set carbon budgets at a company, division, or individual traveller level: as bookings are made, the appropriate amount of carbon is deducted from the carbon budget, helping companies manage their overall travel emissions. Find out more about CTM’s leading Lightning booking platform.

As a global travel management provider to some of the world’s best known companies, NGOs and governments, it’s critical for CTM that we provide the most accurate CO2 emission data at the point of search in our online booking tool, Lightning. We’re proud to partner with RDC and deliver cutting-edge carbon emissions analysis to our customers, helping them make informed choices that drive sustainable business travel. The RDC team has been supportive of our vision to deliver more sustainable travel solutions to our customers and we continue to collaborate closely on new and evolving opportunities.

Mike Kubasik, Global Chief Technology Officer | CTM

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