Geneva airport is an early adopter of LOOP and we recently caught up with Ludovic Ueberschlag to find out how LOOP had improved their work flows. Ludovic and his team manage the airport operational database (AODB) and we’re delighted to be able to share their experience of using LOOP.

Could you give a quick overview of the process that you were undertaking before using LOOP?
We used to follow multiple processes depending on the airlines. We were (and still are) always reacting to alarms from our operational database for unknown aircraft registrations. For HB- (Swiss registered) tail numbers we had the FOCA database. A few airlines used to share their own online collaborative tools, some used to and are still very proactive and are systematically sending us e-mail updates of their fleet. For other airlines we had to send noise certificate requests by e-mail.

Copies of the documents sent by the airlines used to be stored in our files. Once a new registration was added to our operational database, it was impossible for us to know whether changes had been made afterwards unless the airline or a partner involved informed us so.

Has that process been altered or does LOOP compliment it?
LOOP is already more than just a complimentary tool. The benefits are already significant in the reduced number of e-mail exchanges. In addition we have opted to stop storing pdf copies of the noise certificates, as they are contained in LOOP. LOOP also encouraged us to undertake an update of our entire registrations database.

Our Airport Information Management System is ageing and will be changed in a couple of years and the database has to be as clean as possible when it will be transferred to the new system. We have about 25,000 entries and it’s a huge job that is much easier with LOOP than it would be by sending requests by e-mail.

The user experience is also incomparably friendlier. We all rush into LOOP every time we have a new registration to create in the AODB hoping it will be in the tool.

Could you quantify the time savings? Or maybe explain a little about how other areas of the business have been able to increase productivity?
The big difference is simply that the information is immediately available when it’s in LOOP. And it’s easier to create or update a registration right when you need it and have the data on hand to do so than to get back to the case afterwards and remind yourself to do so… (and it can be days after).

The permanent accuracy of the data is especially important for our colleagues from the financial and environment departments. Re-invoicing and refunding is way more time consuming than just the database update of the corresponding item. That’s why the notification of changes in LOOP is a key element when it comes to time saving and therefore productivity increase.

What is LOOP?

LOOP is a permission-led data distribution platform for airports, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators & airlines. LOOP is the only platform you need to distribute or receive business critical airframe fleet data. LOOP is a community and you can scale its reach by inviting your contacts to join.

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