RDC is pleased to announce a partnership with CLIMATE NEUTRAL GROUP, a leading climate expert who guides organisations via footprinting, reduction and offsetting to net Zero CO2.

Modelling fuel burn and CO2 emissions is an integral data component for RDC’s market leading analytical product suite and combining this with Climate Neutral Group’s expertise in calculation tools, reduction strategies and their carbon offsetting products means customers now have access to both datasets in a single software platform.

Our partnership with Climate Neutral Group allows RDC to provide a full CO2 service to our clients from calculation, through to offsetting in accredited offsetting programmes.  Climate Neutral Group clients and partners will benefit from the most accurate CO2 data calculations.

Our partnership with RDC Aviation will help to increase sustainable air travel. We looked at several CO2 emission engines and felt the RDC methodology was more accurate; particularly regarding the calculation of emissions for different cabin classes. Using RDC data in our new CNG Flight Carbon Calculator, fully integrated with the booking system of TMCs, allows travellers to clearly identify flights and seats that have the lowest carbon impact benefits as part of their net zero travel policy

Marjan Verbeek, Strategic Partnership Manager

For further information on RDC’s CO2 Data find out more at on our sustainability page or please contact us directly.

For further information on Climate Neutral Group and their Flight Carbon Calculator solutions find out more at climateneutralgroup.com.

About RDC

RDC is a technology-driven company that has a unique range of products and services for the air transport industry based around its core technology and proprietary datasets. Customer problems are solved in a range of ways via direct data feeds, a suite of on-line applications or the latest RESTful API’s.

About CNG

Climate Neutral Group stands for qualitatively responsible offsetting in addition to insight, footprinting and reduction. As a B-to-B partner and a leader in the climate arena, we are, thanks to the confidence of more than 3,000 organisations, firmly on the road from A to Zero CO2.


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