Our LOOP API is the latest addition to our product integrations and is available exclusively to airports who are part of the LOOP community.

Since LOOP was launched, we have consistently looked at ways we can further streamline and enhance the airline / airport data submission process.

Our LOOP API is a significant milestone in our roadmap allowing airport community members to directly integrate partner airline data into their internal AODB, ERP and finance systems. As with all aspects of LOOP, airports will be able to access information which their airline partners have given them permission to view.

Ian Robins, LOOP Partnership Manager

The secure, permissions-based API provides the latest aircraft data from your airline partners, allowing:

  • Access to aircraft MTOW, configuration, noise values and engine data.
  • Seamlessly update your airport operational database, ERP, or finance system.

Read more here about the LOOP API and get in touch with us to discuss your needs in more detail.


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