We are excited to announce the launch of RDC Managed Data in LOOP, providing access to an additional 25,000 airframes

What is LOOP?

LOOP is a distribution platform that allows aircraft operators to provide a direct feed of data and documentation to selected industry partners in a permissions-led environment. More than 250 organisations are already benefitting from a streamlined data distribution process and the improved cyber-security that LOOP offers when compared to potentially dangerous email file exchanges, often from unknown senders.

What is RDC Managed Data?

Where there is not yet a direct feed of data from an operator in LOOP, RDC Managed Data is available, giving a far greater breadth of coverage, including airframes utilised by Charter, Freight and Business Jet operators.

How many airframes and operators have been added?

RDC Managed Data provides around 25,000 additional airframes for approximately 1,100 operators.

What is the source of this data?

RDC has been collating and researching operator airframe records for more than a decade to support LOOP's sister products AirportCharges and Apex. Primarily, the data is sourced from OEMs, who provide us with airframe delivery details, as well as from regulatory bodies (such as Civil Aviation Authorities) and other sources.

Our team of analysts supplement this with our own research into engine noise and emission values, and also keep track of changes in an operator's fleet composition over time.

This is a huge development for the LOOP community. In addition to the 130+ operators who already provide data via LOOP in a cyber-secure, permissions-led environment, having RDC Managed data alongside this information means that LOOP truly is a single source for the aircraft reference data required for operational planning, billing processes and environmental monitoring.

Ian Robins, Partnerships Manager

If you are interested in finding out more about LOOP and RDC Managed Data, please contact us


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