We have had some big Apex coverage announcements in the past but this surpasses them all (for now!)! We have added monthly route profitability data for every route operated by American Airlines, United, Delta and Alaska Airlines and their respective subsidiaries. This comes on the back of the successful addition of the major US LCCs which were added earlier in 2020 - Southwest, Spirit and JetBlue.

Let’s put this in numbers, these four carriers provide monthly profitability data covering

  • 8,000 routes
  • 500 airports
  • $144 billion of annual revenue (2019)
  • $129 billion of annual costs (2019)
  • $15 billion of annual profit (2019)

2020 has been a tough year for aviation and our latest profit data, which is up to September 2020, as would be expected, shows heavy losses across the board. But on a positive note, the strong 2019 data gives an aiming point for the industry as it recovers from the pandemic. The chart below shows the gap between monthly profitability so far in 2020, for all carriers analysed in Apex on routes to and from the US, compared to what was recorded in 2019. The gap is significant but Apex will be the first product to provide evidence of where the recovery starts, with whom and when!

Apex profit data USA Apex route profit data for all airline routes to/from USA

Apex users can drill into the data in order to examine individual route profitability by month for every route that is operated. It’s flexible query engine can group performance by any origin/destination combination of airport, city, country and continent. The table below displays Delta total route profitability estimates at it’s largest airports (by passengers) for all departures between April 2019 to March 2020.

Delta route profitability in Apex Delta route profitability estimates at its largest airports

And as you would expect from RDC, we aren’t stopping now that we have added the largest US carriers! The next exciting development is a new analytical report which will provide an insight into airline fare and profit performance at any airport highlighting strengths and weaknesses across a full network of destinations.

Banner image by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash


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