Utilising the world’s most comprehensive database of airport charges and combining it with accurate fleet data in LOOP, RDC users are a step ahead of the rest.

During the height of the pandemic, RDC worked closely with a major European airline to identify significant overspend at a large European airport group. By ensuring the correct Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) was being used for billing, significant savings for the carrier were identified, which over the course of a year totalled more than EUR 10,000.

European Airline achieved monthly savings of 121 Euros on A320 operations & 316 Euros on the A321 operations

European Airline achieved annual savings of over 10000 Euros

By utilising the world’s most comprehensive, accurate and flexible database for calculating airport user charges and combining it with the accurate fleet data of LOOP, users of RDC solutions benefit from:


What is AirportCharges?

AirportCharges is the world’s largest database of user charges. Over 3,000 airports and country charges are accessible via a range of tools, making it the most comprehensive solution on the market. Find out more about AirportCharges here

What is LOOP?

LOOP allows airlines to manage fleet data in one format and one location whilst sharing to all airports on their network via a secure, permission-driven platform. LOOP improves invoice accuracy by ensuring airports have access to the right data and saves valuable time by removing the one-to-many relationships that exist in the airline / airport sphere. Find out more about LOOP here

LOOP has helped British Airways to reduce the amount of time and resource dedicated to sending fleet data and responding to data requests from stakeholders on the network. LOOP has enabled British Airways to centralise our fleet data and documentation to be a single source of truth for external users via a secure, permission led, online environment.


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