We specialise in helping operators in the worlds of aeronautical billing and market analysis. Our easy-to-use tools provide operators - from airline groups to single business jet operators - the ability to better understand and improve the efficiencies in the airport billing process, as well as helping them to spot new opportunities for growth in the market.

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Save time and improve billing accuracy with one single platform for distributing the aircraft data that airports need to issue invoices.

Save time
Manage your fleet data in one format and one location whilst sharing to all airports on your network.
Improve invoice accuracy
LOOP helps to improve accuracy by ensuring airports have access to the right data - validated against noise certificates - to calculate invoices.
Secure data distribution
Your data is shared on a secure, permission-driven platform letting you choose who has access to it.
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Global airlines trust AirportCharges to help manage their turnaround cost calculations and administration. AirportCharges is proven to save network carriers millions of US dollars every year.

Save time, streamline your research
Quick access to over 3,000 airport charges saves time spent researching and databasing, leaving you to focus on the numbers.
Plan and negotiate
The powerful calculation engine enables you to calculate and compare charges with pinpoint accuracy, maximising your ability to plan and negotiate.
Proven to reduce costs
AirportCharges gives you time to compare your invoices to the on-screen output. AirportCharges has saved network carriers millions of US dollars every year.
Your user charges partner
Our dedicated support team will work with you to ensure you’ve got the information you need, even if that means researching data we don’t yet have.
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Build airport and en route charge calculation engines directly into your internal systems.

Quicker and more accurate items
Increase the accuracy of your airport charges quoting from directly within your quoting interface with our Airport and En route Charges APIs.
Check invoices for accuracy
Reduce manual effort and errors by integrating Airport Charges data into in-house billing systems for cost comparison.
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Better understand the space you operate in with tools for finding new market opportunities and evaluating competitors.

New air service development
Quickly find unserved markets and understand which markets present the best opportunities using gap analysis, fare and profitability tools.
Evaluate competitor performance including financial data
Apex includes a detailed database of airline financial data and aircraft data. This resource enables Apex to be used to assess competitor performance, at the network level or drilling down into individual routes.
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Case study


British Airways is a truly global airline flying approximately 44 million customers a year to more than 200 destinations around the world, meeting demand for both business and leisure travel whilst supporting the UK economy by providing vital channels for trade and investment.

RDC has worked with British Airways for over five years helping them to monitor and reduce airport charges.

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