We have extensive experience in supporting airports - from multinational groups to regionals - to easily gather and analyse market intelligence. Our tools have helped more than 100 hundred airports to better understand the airport charges landscape, as well as airline performance at their own and competing airports to help spot new opportunities, understand risk and optimise their strategy.

Products to power your business

Minimise the time spent processing fleet and other data from your operators with a single, verified and billing-ready source.

Minimise data validation time
Less research and validation with ready-access data that is managed centrally and can be exported in the format that works for you.
Regular access to correct data
Updated data is available as soon as the operators update, meaning you have the most up-to-date information possible.
Remove the contact book
LOOP acts as the single source for billing-related data, removing the need to manage individual contacts.
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Airports around the world rely on AirportCharges to maintain a competitive advantage. Evaluate business decisions quickly with access to global airports' charges and stay up-to-date with issues and updates affecting your organisation.

Benchmark your charges against your competitors
See how your charges compare to those of your national and international competitors. Assess the impact of discount schemes to ensure they are making a difference.
Better prepared for Regulation and Consultation
Use AirportCharges to provide independent data and analysis in support of discussions and presentations to external agencies and regulatory bodies.
Improve your negotiations
Attract new business. The extensive database of operator information allows you to accurately understand the cost to your customers and be better equipped to negotiate rates and contracts.
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Gain the market intelligence you need to grow and manage your network and improve your relationship with airlines.

Add credibility to airline negotiations
Apex delivers detailed analysis in the language of airline network planners. It enables you to quickly produce multiple route studies and generate clear reports.
Secure sustainable and profitable routes
Develop a better understanding of current route performance and the fares needed to achieve breakeven. Monitor seasonality and identify 'at risk' routes.
Understand the impact of airport discounts
Which routes are cash cows for airlines and which are less profitable? Use Apex to be better informed in negotiations with airlines.
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Case study


Liverpool John Lennon is one of the fastest growing Airports in the UK, with over 5 million passengers passing through its gates in 2017.

RDC provides Liverpool Airport with network wide fare, yield and profit data for over 50 airlines through access to their market leading platform – Apex. Using Apex has substantially contributed to their success in attracting additional routes and airlines leading to higher passenger numbers, revenue and profit.

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