With an ever-growing focus on climate change, it becomes even more important for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to help customers make informed environmental decisions.

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Innovate and promote sustainable offerings by bringing our accurate aviation CO2 emission data directly into your systems.

Choosing flights based on sustainable criteria
In a recent study 48% of respondents indicated they would pay more to help protect the environment. Allowing customers to select more eco friendly flights is a great way to facilitate this. To achieve this, the RDC emissions dataset can be seamlessly blended with local customer datasets and then integrated into the online search functionality.
Allowing customers to offset their flights
Many customers are prepared to pay a fee to offset their flight. RDC has a number of carbon offset partners who can facilitate this via a wide range of carbon offset projects.
Comparing emissions data based on class of travel
Many travellers and business travel agencies are mindful of difference that cabin class makes to the corporate or individual carbon footprint. The RDC dataset and API splits out emissions based on cabin class to help travellers make a more informed choice.
Carbon footprint analysis
Many business want to analyse and offset their carbon footprint; at both a corporate and/or personal level. The RDC emissions dataset allows analysis of emissions data at a route level so that carbon footprints can be easily calculated.
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