Landing and Take-off (LTO) Cycle emissions data is now available for 25,000 airframes for more than 1,000 operators in RDC's LOOP platform.

Following on from the recent increase in airframe coverage that is available with RDC Managed Data in LOOP, we've also been busy working on a key issue for the industry: Sustainability data

The latest release of Sustainability data into our LOOP platform introduces key data points associated with local emissions during the aircraft Landing and Take-off (LTO) Cycle:

New data available includes:

CO2 Total Mass: The total mass of CO2 emitted during the LTO cycle

Also, the total mass of carbon dioxide emitted during each phase of the LTO Cycle:

  • CO2 Take-Off
  • CO2 Climb Out
  • CO2 Approach
  • CO2 Idle

This information is available for over 1,000 operators and covers almost 25,000 airframes, making LOOP the industry’s most comprehensive resource for sustainability data, giving unrivalled coverage for LOOP users.

In addition to the noise and Nitrous Oxide data already available via LOOP, CO2 LTO data is critical for monitoring performance against sustainability targets and we are excited to make this data more accessible by allowing users of LOOP to access this information by airframe.

Ian Robins, Partnerships Manager

What is LOOP?

LOOP is a distribution platform that allows aircraft operators to provide a direct feed of data and documentation to selected industry partners in a permissions-led environment. More than 250 organisations are already benefitting from a streamlined data distribution process and the improved cyber-security that LOOP offers when compared to potentially dangerous email file exchanges, often from unknown senders.

If you are interested in finding out more about LOOP, please contact us.


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