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Liverpool John Lennon Airport logo

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon is one of the fastest growing Airports in the UK, with over 5 million passengers passing through its gates in 2017.

RDC provides Liverpool Airport with network wide fare, yield and profit data for over 50 airlines through access to their market leading platform – Apex. Using Apex has substantially contributed to their success in attracting additional routes and airlines leading to higher passenger numbers, revenue and profit.

RDC’s fare and profit data gives us a full understanding of the performance of airlines at our airport and at competitors

Paul Winfield, Director of Aviation Development, Liverpool Airport

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Ryanair is Europe's most profitable airline and operates from 80 bases flying 1,500 routes throughout the continent, this is an increase of over 300 new routes in the last year.

This dedication to be the best is why Ryanair turned to RDC when it came to understand the potential for profitable expansion. Through its Apex platform, RDC provides Ryanair with network wide performance data for over 50 airlines.

Without access to RDC’s performance data it would take us considerable resource to get the quantity and quality of data that they provide. We have used their data ahead of opening up new bases and hundreds of new routes and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Colin Casey, Director of Schedule Development, Ryanair

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British Airways logo

British Airways

British Airways is a truly global airline flying approximately 44 million customers a year to more than 200 destinations around the world, meeting demand for both business and leisure travel whilst supporting the UK economy by providing vital channels for trade and investment.

RDC has worked with British Airways for over five years helping them to monitor and reduce airport charges.

RDC helps us to achieve our corporate target of reducing non-fuel costs one per cent every year

Peter Jukes, User Charges Manager, British Airways

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Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc. logo

Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Universal Weather is a one stop shop for general, corporate and private aviation operators. From fuel to hotels, catering to flight crew and costs to pilots Universal Weather has a solution. Crucial to this successful operation is easy access to accurate data.

This is where RDC come in, providing up to date airport charges data in a usable and actionable format to enable immediate responses to requests for quotes.

Without RDC it could take us forever to get the information we need to create accurate quotes — this could mean we lose business

Fred Quinonez, Foxtrot Team Leader, Universal Weather & Aviation Inc.

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FL3XX logo


FL3XX is changing the way business aviation operates. It is unlike any other flight operations software, uniquely bringing together all the data required to make informed quotes in real time via an intuitive cloud-based platform.

RDC is a crucial element to the solution providing up to date, comprehensive and accurate airport charges data in real time.

We surveyed the market to find the best source of airport charges data, and in truth there was nothing to compare RDC's solution against - RDC is THE source for airport data globally

Stefan Oberender, Chief Operating Officer, FL3XX

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LEON Software logo

LEON Software

By linking RDC's AirportCharges data directly into the LEON platform via an API, operators can estimate costs and provide quotes on the fly.

AirportCharges was selected by our clients as it proved to offer reliable data. Our focus is on developing integrations that are useful and needed. Therefore we did not hesitate to make AirportCharges available on our add-on list.

Anna Kozłowska-Janczy, Vice President, Leon Software

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Graphic showing investment data overlaid with charts

Investor Case Study

RDC has a unique set of modelled data and insights into airline yields, revenue and profitability available BEFORE airlines themselves release it to the market. This gives our clients an extra layer of intelligence to support their investment strategies.

Access to the Apex platform allows investors to view, download and analyse a wide range of data in a user-friendly format.

The information that RDC hold is gold dust to any investor in the aviation market

Analyst, London Hedge Fund, December 2017

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