It’s been another amazing year for AirportCharges - with more users, undertaking more studies, than ever before, we take a look at the facts and figures behind the platform!

Around the World in 3,156 airports

Our AirportCharges users have travelled around the World (metaphorically, not really unfortunately!) this year in their research and calculations, all the way from Taveuni Airport (TVU / NFNM) in Fiji to Nakashibetsu Airport (SHB / RJCN) in Japan and from Cape Town (CPT / FACT) in South Africa to Qaanaaq Airport (NAQ / BGQQ) in Greenland. AirportCharges has covered them all and everywhere else in between, with tariff data available for 3,156 airports.

A map showing the airports in AirportCharges in 2023Airports available in AirportCharges in 2023

A big interest in European Airports

The ten most commonly viewed airports this year are all in Europe and many of these have complex charges involving aircraft noise, engine emissions, various time-of-day factors and different charges by season. The calculation and comparison engine in AirportCharges allows users to quickly understand the rates at these complex airports with minimal fuss.

Ten most queried airports in AirportCharges in 2023Ten most queried airports in AirportCharges in 2023

Increasing number of tariffs including environmental factors

As previously reported back in June 23, 309 airports have some charge component based on engine emissions and / or noise. With increasing pressure to reduce aviation emissions, we expect more and more airports to introduce emission-based charges to continue the incentivisation of more efficient airframes.

Airports with Environmental Charging by RegionAirports with environmental charging by region

Take a look at how Eindhoven Airport used AirportCharges and its sister product LOOP to remodel its charges, including a review of emissions and noise-based charges.

Inflationary pressures are resulting in increased charges

A few months back, we looked at the general trend in tariff prices at the world’s largest 250 airports. Our findings? That things are generally getting more expensive, with 40% of airports charging more for a typical narrowbody turnaround (and just 20% charging less than in 2022).

Top 250 Airports percentage change in chargesTop 250 Airports percentage change in charges

And finally, 2024 charges are already being loaded

We’ve already loaded 2024 tariffs and calculations for more than 100 airports, so if you’re starting to think about refining 2024 cost budgets, or want to see how airports are changing their tariffs into next year, drop our support team a note and we’ll let you know which airports’ 2024 charges are already available!


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